Updated: April 2, 2020 - 10:00 a.m. CST

Dear Members of the Millikin Community:
The attached document is an emergency amendment to Millikin University’s policy governing the use of Pass/Fail grading for classes. The Council on Students and Academic Standards, the Council on Curriculum, the Academic Deans, and the Provost, in consultation with the President and his Cabinet, have approved these changes as warranted under current conditions, given the stresses and challenges students are navigating in their work with faculty to complete the academic demands of the current semester.
Using the Pass/Fail option will not be preferred, needed, or useful to every student, but expanding this possible option is intended to give students additional flexibility in managing their coursework right now. This temporary policy relies heavily on the advice and counsel of academic advisors to assist students in weighing their options and making informed decisions about how they can best continue their academic progress and success at Millikin.
Advisors will also be receiving additional information and guidance from CSAS in the near future, but aside from that, if there are questions about any of this please ask your academic advisor. We are working to assist and support everyone in managing the challenges of completing this semester as successfully as possible, and those goals are best facilitated by making sure you have complete information and have clear answers to your questions.
Thanks to all students, faculty, and staff who are working hard to continue teaching and learning at the high quality we expect at Millikin.
Take care and be well, everyone,
Jeffery P. Aper, Ph.D.