Updated: March 31, 2020 - 2:30 p.m. CST

Dear Millikin Students:
The COVID-19 pandemic has produced a number of wrenching changes in all our lives. I am so proud of the excellent work that so many students, faculty, and staff are doing to keep the teaching and learning at the heart of the Millikin experience alive and vibrant.
As I talk to other presidents from around the country, I am happy to report the collaborative spirit in the Millikin community as we move into a new way of interacting, teaching, and learning. You are keeping the Millikin community alive. Alumni are reaching out to one another as well, keeping the Millikin spirit going through many informal networks. In addition to your course work, I know you are all keeping in touch with your Millikin friends by many means. Keep that up. It is important; it makes a difference.
Several of you who are off campus have asked questions about refunds for housing and meal plans. The Cabinet, the leadership team of Millikin University, and I have been in conversation with the Board of Trustees regarding refunds. I am pleased to announce that some form of refund will be provided to all students who are no longer present on campus and a reduction in costs for some meal plans for those who are on campus as well. We will inform students and families of the exact nature of that refund shortly, certainly by the end of next week.
Remember what I said to you in our opening convocations when you were just starting at MU: Millikin is a great university, but we will be an even greater university together, because you are here. In this challenging time, we are seeing clearly how true that is. You are making this tough Millikin moment a time of success and accomplishment. Thank you for your commitment to Millikin and to your pursuit of a quality Performance Learning education during this unprecedented time.
We encourage you to continue checking the millikin.edu/COVID19 webpage every few days for frequent updates and to look for an announcement regarding this matter. In the next week, we will have additional information about commencement and other matters.  
Yours in Millikin,
Patrick E. White