August 30, 2018 at 11:15am

Support the Arts@Millikin!

A significant part of the education of an artist takes place outside the traditional classroom. Through Performance Learning, Millikin student artists must engage with art and artists from all over the region, the country, and the world. Through the generosity of our patrons in the community, we are able to provide a rich variety of experiences to our students that would not be possible under the constraints of a typical academic budget. They learn from professional artists through masterclasses and residencies on campus, and they travel to venues and facilities in Chicago, Nashville, and New York to work with artists and see performances and exhibitions. They learn to work with the kinds of equipment and technology they will use in the professional world, which is often expensive and cutting-edge. These experiences, which are fundamental to the education of a young artists, would simply not exist without support from our College of Fine Arts Patrons Society. You can become a member of the CFA Patrons Society with a donation of any amount to the College of Fine Arts, or more directly to one of our departments: the School of Music, the School of Theatre and Dance, the Art Department, or the Arts Technology Department. With your donation, you will receive notifications of special events, receptions, and the latest news on our successful alums and the professional artists who visit campus.

Every year, the faculty in the CFA update their “Wish List,” which includes travel expenses for students, visiting guest artists, equipment, and other needs in their areas. Here are some examples of items featured on this year’s Wish List:

Arts Technology

  • Contest and award entry fees: $30/entry
  • Video platform dolly: $200
  • Funding for video production students to attend the International Film Festival in Chicago: $100/student
  • 3D Scanner:  $800


  • New kiln shelves: $1,800
  • Epson projector and screen: $700
  • 3-D printer: $1,600
  • Improved lighting in painting studio: $3,000


  • Improvements to Kaeuper Hall, $10,000 including:
    • tunable acoustic treatments
    • audio/visual equipment (projector, screen, audio outputs)
    • new lighting console

Theatre and Dance

  • Sponsor students to attend a national conference: $500-$1,000/student
  • CNC router for scenic studio: $10,000
  • Materials to resurface Albert Taylor stage: $1,000

No gift is too small, and small gifts add up! Your gifts enable our students and faculty to maintain the reputation for excellence in the College of Fine Arts and for Millikin University.