April 22, 2019 at 3:00pm

Ladies of Sleeping BeautySleeping Beauty Redux

Performance Learning and Collaboration took center stage as the Alabama Ballet, Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra, Millikin students, and Decatur community members performed The Sleeping Beauty on March 30 and 31, 2019 at the Kirkland Fine Arts Center. Was the collaboration successful? Here’s what Millikin students who were involved had to say:

“I found working with the Alabama Ballet incredibly beneficial. Seeing the ballerinas do moves that we do in class made me realize how much I am capable of, and how I can improve upon my technique so much more. I think this is an amazing way to involve students from around the area, and students from Millikin who truly care about ballet. I loved working on both The Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.” - Sydney Francis, Theatre Major

“Being involved in Sleeping Beauty was a valuable experience because I have only ever been to two ballets in my life. It was a much different world that what I am used to in class, yet it was interesting seeing ballet technique being used to tell a story. I also think it was important for me to observe dancers at a professional level both on and offstage. I think the biggest thing I learned was the energy and stamina it takes to dance a full ballet. As someone who only has ballet twice a week, it was incredible to see how difficult it was for even the pros… It reinforced the idea that one can never stop improving in their art… I have personally never been backstage at any kind of professional production, so it was a really cool learning experience for me.” - Trey DeLuna, Musical Theatre Major

“Working with the Alabama Ballet has allowed me to grow as a leader in helping the children prepare for the show. I was so proud how much the children grew as performers from beginning of rehearsals to the final performance! I learned that it is very important to be as prepared as you can be, specifically when you are working with touring companies. We had about two stage rehearsals and one run-through of the show with the company, so in order for us to be fully prepared for the show, we had to make sure that we fully prepared the community cast with their choreography and positions on the stage.” - Autumn Meyer, Nursing Major, Dance Minor

“This is such an amazing opportunity to get to perform and learn alongside professionals. I was able to learn the importance of certain things we do in class just by watching the ballet company. This is performance learning at its best.” - Adrianna Goss, Musical Theatre Major

“Working with the Alabama Ballet was just the inspiration I needed. I have been feeling as though I have hit a plateau in my improvements as a dancer. But watching these dancers allowed me to see what I am able to do one day with some hard work and dedication. This experience also taught me what working either a professional company entails and it was beyond beneficial for me as a student to have this opportunity. I think that Millikin University should continue to provide these kind of opportunities for students!” - Marissa Hettel, Theatre Major, Dance Minor