January 29, 2019 at 11:30am

Festive Woodwinds

Eidolan Student Woodwind Quintet

The Eidolan Student Woodwind Quintet (coach Professor Claire Taylor) and the Millikin Oboe Bassoon Society (faculty advisor Professor Tina Nicholson) performed at the Good Samaritan Inn on December 6, 2018. The Eidolan Quintet is comprised of Millikin students Emily Hill; flute, Mikaela Wattleworth; oboe, Cody Myhra; clarinet, Nick Tipsword; horn and Professor Taylor; bassoon. M.O.B.S. member present were: Mikaela Wattleworth, Ruth Zielke, Morgan Bode; oboes, Claire Taylor, Blake Martin (MU Alum) and Jason Allen (MU Alum); bassoons with Tina Nicholson conducting the group. They performed a variety of Holiday-themed music for the two- hour lunch period, afterwards joining the patrons for a lovely meal. Though in the midst of a very busy last week of classes, the students’ willingness to do this community outreach was joyful and typical of the generosity of our Millikin community.

Millikin Oboe Bassoon Society