October 24, 2017 at 2:45pm

Jacinda Walker and group

Design Leader, Jacinda Walker, on Campus

The Arts Technology Department and the Center for Entrepreneurship hosted design leader, Jacinda Walker, on campus for two days this past October. Jacinda is the chair of the national AIGA Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and also the owner of Design Explorr, which is an organization that works with youth to experience professional and directed design, to be engaged in conversations about design, and to learn what it takes to direct the course toward a career in the design industry. During Jacinda’s visit she led a student panel discussing “Social Impact: Education, Politics, and Community and Those Who Influence Them”, hosted a Design Thinking Workshop to students and members of the public, and met with many faculty, administration, and student group to discuss Design Thinking and/or Diversity Issues. Jacinda Walker's visit served as the official launch of the new Design Thinking For Leadership minor and was largely supported by an Academic Diversity and Inclusion Grant.

Jacinda Walker round table