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Ken Laundra and Jorge Chavez

Restorative Justice Bibliography Project

The project described and presented here, including the paper describing the project and the Excel file containing all citations, involves a collaborative effort among Sociology and Criminal Justice faculty and students to produce a comprehensive bibliography of research and scholarship on restorative justice, consisting of both academic books and peer-reviewed journals published from 1977 to 2018, with an emphasis on books and articles published from 2010-2018. The research bibliography is published in ASA style formatting and grouped into subcategories for easier extraction by subtopic. This resource has been developed to be freely available to any student, faculty, administrator, law enforcement official, practitioner, or community member interested in reviewing a comprehensive list of research and scholarship on restorative justice, to become more acquainted with the field and to provide scholarly direction for those researching and writing on restorative justice, particularly for sociology students and faculty looking for ASA-style citations. Some considerations are offered for sociology or criminal justice instructors seeking to engage in a collaborative learning experience such as this, including potential benefits and challenges for faculty and students.  

Restorative Justice Bibliography Project Paper

Restorative Justice Bibliography