Sociology & Criminal Justice

Areas of Study

Ken Laundra and Jorge Chavez
  • Options and Opportunities

    Exploring dimensions of social, corporate, and community interaction

    Our areas of study appeal to students with career interests in corporate and public service institutions. We offer programs that are broad-based, flexible, and proven. Employers value these degrees because they cultivate an understanding of how people interact with each other and with institutions, which is a skill that will serve you well regardless of your intended career path.

Undergraduate Programs

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    Criminal Justice Major

    A major in Criminal Justice offers a broad and theoretical view of the criminal justice process, including sociological and political factors related to crime and criminal justice, and prepare students for varied careers in criminal justice through specific coursework in these fields.
  • Sociology Major

    Sociology Major

    A major in sociology provides the student with an understanding of the social causes of human behavior, as well as a familiarity with the basic processes of social life, emphasizing effects of social stratification and social global issues.


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    Criminal Justice Minor

    The minor in Criminal Justice at Millikin University is intended to expose students to a wide range of criminology theory, concepts, and ideas.
  • Ken Laundra and Jorge Chavez

    Sociology Minor

    A minor in sociology provides the student with an interdisciplinary curriculum for several majors at Millikin and is intended to compliment a student's academic profile.


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    Criminal Justice Certificate

    The criminal justice minor has been a very popular option for all Millikin students, including several Flexible Learning students.