Clinical Nuclear Science

Faculty leaders from chemistry, biology and physics partnered with health care business leaders to launch a clinical nuclear science program at Millikin. This proposal was an outgrowth of the Millikin University Institute for Entrepreneurship in Science. Science faculty proposed two new courses on Clinical Nuclear Science co-taught by physics, chemistry and biology, and Millikin received pledges of support for internships and on-site practicums at Decatur Memorial Hospital and Zevacor Molecular in Noblesville, Indiana, home of the largest privately-owned cyclotron in North America.

The Millikin Clinical Nuclear Science Program provides upper-level biology, chemistry and physics majors with another pathway from being a science student to developing a science career. The program will includes:

  • Formal course work
  • Internships
  • Performance Learning experiences working with 16 and 70 MeV cyclotrons
  • Assisting with nuclear medicine programs at both Zevacor Molecular and Decatur Memorial Hospital

The Clinical Nuclear Science Program is part of Millikin's Institute for Science Entrepreneurship. The institute's mission is to connect Millikin University, its students, and the greater community to opportunities for personal, professional, and organizational advancement through science entrepreneurship.


  • Clinical Nuclear Science I (focus on physics and chemistry)
  • Clinical Nuclear Science II (focus on biology)

What will I study?

Zevacor Molecular and Decatur Memorial Hospital will provide Millikin students, who are enrolled in the courses, with on-site, short-term practicums and other learning experiences. In addition, Zevacor Molecular will provide funding for a research fellowship in summer 2016, including a $3,000 stipend and a $2,000 housing allowance. Decatur Memorial Hospital will also provide a summer research fellowship, including a $3,000 stipend. Millikin University will provide housing for the student during that summer. Millikin students will gain a wide range of experiences from the production of nuclear isotopes to examining their use in patients.

Admission Requirements

The program is open to any student majoring in biology, chemistry, physics, and pre-health-professions such as pre-medicine and pre-pharmacy. Prospective students for the program may be candidates for Leighty Science Scholarships.


Students will begin coursework in Millikin’s Leighty-Tabor Science Center and then will have the opportunity to receive hands-on learning at Zevacor Molecular and Decatur Memorial Hospital. Zevacor Molecular is a healthcare firm started by Illinois Health and Science (IHS) in 2013 for the production and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals important in nuclear medicine imaging. Decatur Memorial Hospital has 11 state-of-the-art centers of excellence and has been recognized four consecutive years as a 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospital from Truven Health Analytics. No other hospital the size of DMH in the country has a cyclotron on site, making Millikin the only college in the US where you can receive this kind of experience.

Our students will be able to interact with experts at all stages of the process from:

  • Generating isotopes
  • Analyzing their purity
  • Administering them to patients for diagnostic procedures
  • To interpreting the results


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