Supplemental Instruction

Taking a historically difficult course? Is this course a prerequisite for your major? Do you find that working in groups helps you find success?

Good news! Supplemental Instruction (SI) is offered through the Center for Academic & Professional Performance (CAPP)! In an SI session, you will find yourself in a relaxed study environment that is led by SI Leaders, who are peers that have successfully taken the class before. Our SI Leaders are experienced students who understand the struggle, but have developed study methods for tests, projects, and assignments. SI Leaders prepare activities for each session that help students comprehend academic content better.

What is Supplemental Instruction (SI)?

  • Get advice from your peers that have sat in the same class, had the same professor, finished the same homework, and took the same tests.
  • Learn their tricks to productive classroom and study behaviors in a laid-back environment and find out how they became successful.
  • Hand-selected students (SI Leaders) will provide prepared study sessions that are focused around the personalized needs of each individual group.
  • Group thought can facilitate more effective discussion and understanding of study materials. Smaller class sizes also offer more one-on-one instruction. Students who have participated in the SI program have seen increases in their grades as well as their confidence.

Who is SI for?

  • Improvement of their understanding of the material
  • Increased chances of receiving a passing grade
  • More effective peer discussion on class topics
  • An opportunity for individual and group instruction

Why SI?

  • Improve your grade
  • Boost your confidence
  • Help study for tests and complete homework

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SI Sessions Spring 2022