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Your resume and cover letter are both critical components of a successful job search. They are your marketing tools that will get you interviews. It is important for them to be more than just good; they need to be excellent. Click below to get more information about how to develop effective resumes and cover letters.


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Your resume is your marketing tool to get you interviews. Don't just settle for an okay resume - make it excellent. The best resumes are targeted for each position. They also utilize organized, concise, and easy to read format AND include compelling and relevant content. Make an appointment with a professional staff member in our office or attend one of our resume writing workshops. Learn all of the tips and techniques for effective resumes that get results.

The Center for Academic & Professional Performance (Professional Performance Suite, UC336) also sells quality bond resume paper.

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CCCI (formerly ISCPA) Resume Referral is a great way to have your resume seen by employers. This system allows you to create and store your resume, as well as to apply for jobs. We refer employers seeking student resumes to this site, which can be accessed from our website or by going to and clicking on "students".