Passport to Professionalism

Succeeding at Work

We realize it's important for you to know how to succeed at work once you land your dream job. Learn the basic professional workplace skills needed to take your career to the next level.

How it Works

The supervisor and student select the learning modules, the student complete them based on the schedule they develop.

  • For paid jobs and internships the student completes the assignments during work hours, or are paid for their time after hours.
  • For non-paid internships, volunteer positions, and/or unpaid academic credit internships, the student and the supervisor agree on an assignment schedule and the student submits their work as agreed.

The modules are built for maximum flexibility so that they can be completed over a period of time (such as when work is slow). At the end of each module there is a worksheet that the student fills out and puts it in a dropbox, shared document folder, or printed as a hard copy so the supervisor and student can go over them together.

The Steps:

  1. Review the learning modules and decide which ones to complete as part of your professional development. Students seeking academic credit for internships may be assigned these modules and other learning activities by their professor.
  2. Complete the modules by either watching the videos or reading the in-depth guides for each topic.
  3. If applicable, complete the assignments with your supervisor based upon a schedule you agree on.

What are the benefits?

  1. The Passport gives supervisors a ready-made orientation and staff development process for their students.
  2. Supervisors receive ongoing information from students who document activities. This is very useful for managing work flow, performance evaluations, and updating job descriptions.
  3. The Passport creates many opportunities for supervisors to coach and advise their students.
  4. Students gain a deeper appreciation for work culture and how to think and act professionally.
  5. Students can make immediate adjustments and corrections on their job in real time rather than waiting for formal evaluations.
  6. Students are introduced to typical professional expectations that employers say are very important to them.

What are the costs?

The Passport is free and fully accessible by supervisors and students. The only cost is the time it takes for students to complete the modules and regularly scheduled meetings with their boss.