Academic Accommodations

The Center for Academic & Professional Performance (CAPP) provides services for students with specific learning disabilities. Schedule a meeting with Carrie Pierson, Senior Director of the Center for Academic & Professional Performance, to discuss eligibility, and accommodations and services options based on your ADA documentation. Follow-up with the Senior Director of the CAPP as soon as have your semester class schedule. You should plan to meet with the director during the semester, as ongoing contact is critical for students with learning disabilities so that resources and services supporting your academic success may be arranged.

Although students with disabilities may be eligible for accommodations, they are still required to meet all of a program's technical standards. Students should be aware that certain programs and degrees require the ability to perform specific critical skills. Conduct rules and attendance policies apply to all students regardless of their disabilities. Course substitutions are sometimes possible based on ADA documentation, but must be approved by the Dean and Academic Advisor. Students seeking course substitutions must provide the necessary documentation and meet with Carrie to discuss their options.

Please note, Millikin University does not provide assessment services for students who may have a learning disability, nor does the University have structured programs available for students with disabilities.

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