Sanctions for Individuals and Groups

Individuals or groups (group of students, organization, or team) found guilty of  violation(s) of the standards of conduct may receive a student conduct warning, probation, suspension, or expulsion. They may also receive additional reparative measures as outlined below. The action of expulsion shall be permanently recorded on the University transcript. The Registrar will confirm the suspension by sending a letter with the transcript stating that the student has been suspended. The Registrar will send out information about no other disciplinary action other than expulsion or suspension.

Student Conduct Warning. A student conduct warning is a written statement of a student's or group’s responsibility for a violation of this code of conduct with the caution that any future incident may result in more serious action. Other reparative measures may be imposed along with the warning.

Student Conduct Probation. Student conduct probation is the conditional continuation of a student or group for a specified period of time. The period of student conduct probation shall not exceed two semesters (a semester being defined in this context as a spring or fall academic term to include any adjacent immersion periods). This status implies that further incidents may result in student conduct suspension or expulsion. Other reparative measures and additional requirements may be imposed as conditions for reinstatement in good standing.

Student Conduct Suspension. Student conduct suspension is the removal of a student or  group from the University for a continuous period not to exceed seven semesters (a semester being defined in this context as a spring or fall academic term to include any adjacent immersion periods). Students or groups on student conduct suspension are not permitted to:

  • Participate in any University activities, academic or nonacademic
  • They may not take part in any official exercise, including graduation
  • They are not allowed on Millikin premises (owned, operated, or affiliated) during their suspension unless prior approval has been granted by the Dean of Campus Life

Any request for the privilege of visiting Millikin University during the suspension must be received by the Dean of Campus Life in writing seven days prior to the date the privilege is desired. It should be understood that submission of a request in no way guarantees approval. Students requesting permission to re-apply upon passing of the suspension period must schedule a meeting with the Dean of Campus Life prior to being granted approval to apply for re-enrollment to the community. Additional requirements may be imposed as a condition for reinstatement to the community in good standing.

Student Conduct Expulsion. Student conduct expulsion is the permanent separation of a student or group from the University. Students or groups who are expelled may not be reinstated to the community.

Other Action. Additional reparative measures may be applied to cover specific conditions or situations. Measures that suspend students' privileges shall have a set time of duration indicating when and under what conditions students may regain the privilege. The following are examples of reparative measures; however, the student conduct process allows for other measures to be applied by student conduct officers. The reparative measures below should not be perceived as an exhaustive list.

  • restitution or replacement of lost, damaged, or stolen property;
  • payment for damage or personal injury
  • suspension of privileges to participate in any activity sponsored by the University
  • suspension of privileges to use certain University facilities
  • suspension of rights to represent the University
  • suspension of rights to occupy a position or office in a group or organization officially recognized by Millikin University
  • restrictions regarding membership in a group or organization officially recognized by Millikin University
  • service learning, community service, and/or philanthropy
  • work to be assigned by the Dean of Campus Life (or designee)
  • referral for alcohol or drug abuse assessment and/or counseling
  • mandatory periodic meetings with a University staff member or counselor;
  • restorative justice circle with involved parties
  • mediation with involved parties
  • change in or termination of residential housing assignment
  • required attendance at University programs and/or events
  • written reflections
  • planning and implementation of programs, publicity, or presentations