Request for Appeal

Students found responsible for a violation, or victims involved in cases of sexual misconduct, may request an appeal of the decision made by a student conduct officer or conduct board. An appeal is not a re-hearing and must fit within the guidelines listed below. Professional Staff in Campus Life (level 1 cases) and/or Dean of Campus Life (level 2 cases) or designee will review requests to determine if there are sufficient grounds for an appeal. For cases in which the Dean of Campus Life makes the original student conduct decision, the Vice President for Student Affairs will act in the role described in this section. Appeals must be in writing and must clearly demonstrate one of the following elements.

  • New Information of a Substantive Nature: New, significant or relevant information regarding the case becomes available that could not have been discovered through investigation prior to the time of the original conduct meeting/hearing. Information is not considered new if the student did not attend the original conduct meeting/hearing or voluntarily withheld information during the original conduct meeting/hearing and/or investigation.
  • Substantive Procedural Error: The specified procedural error or error in interpretation of university conduct procedures may have substantially affected the conduct meeting/hearing such that the student was denied a fair conduct meeting/hearing or the error prevented the hearing officer or panel from making a fair decision.
  • Substantive Disproportionate Sanction: The sanction appears to be significantly incongruent with the violation, given either the student’s prior record or the usual action for his or her offense.