Policy Statements

Preliminary provisions: These Standards of Conduct have been developed to promote student growth, to provide students with a fair student conduct process and educate the University community about the meaning of fair process, to protect the rights of involved parties, and to uphold the educational mission of the University.

Knowledge of standards: All students are expected to make themselves familiar with these standards. Neither the use of alcoholic beverages or other drugs, nor unfamiliarity with these standards, shall excuse or relieve students from responsibility and accountability for their actions.

Initiating proceedings: Any individual member of the University community, a recognized organization of the University, or the Dean of Campus Life (or designee) acting for Millikin University may initiate student conduct proceedings by submitting a report, in writing, that details an alleged violation of the standards of conduct. Student conduct proceedings are initiated by the student conduct officer sending a formal communication to the parties involved, letting the parties know a report has been filed and an investigation will commence. Proceedings related to non-academic violations may be initiated at any point during a student's career, which includes undergraduate and graduate careers.

Right to be informed: Students suspected of conduct in opposition to the Millikin University Standards of Conduct will be informed of their University procedural rights by a University representative within 14 University operating days.

Standard of proof

During deliberations, the student conduct officer or board will determine whether it was more likely than not that a violation occurred. Neither clear and convincing evidence nor proof beyond a reasonable doubt is necessary to find a student or group responsible for conduct.

Parental notification

Millikin University may elect to notify parents and/or legal guardians of a student’s conduct status when a student, under the age of 21, is found responsible for a violation of the University’s alcohol and/or drug policy or when any student is suspended or expelled from the University.

Relationship with local, state, or federal authorities and law enforcement

Millikin University has an interest in student behavior separate from that of authorities/law enforcement, and therefore it has the right to exercise its responsibility to the campus community and take such action as is appropriate to protect this interest. The University reserves the right to enforce these standards whether or not authorities/law enforcement have acted. In those instances where authorities/law enforcement have acted, the University may still choose to respond to the incident and initiate the student conduct process while the other process is in progress.