Standards of conduct are applicable to students anywhere on or off University-owned or affiliated property. University property is defined as all real property, both that which is owned or leased to and operated exclusively by the University and all property leased to or operated by student organizations which are under the jurisdiction and regulation of the University. The University does not desire to be a policing authority for the activities of students outside the University community; however, there are occasions when students' off-campus behavior is reviewed and sanctioned by the University. These occasions occur when students' off-campus conduct impacts the well-being of the community or adversely affects the environment of openness, trust, and civility. University involvement in students' off-campus behavior is to be determined by the Dean of Campus Life.

The use of alcoholic beverages or other drugs will not relieve students of the responsibility for their actions. Students will be given every reasonable opportunity and all reasonable help to overcome any dependency; however, students will still be responsible for their actions.