Emergency Authority

Temporary protective measures. The Dean of Campus Life, a student conduct officer, or a conduct board may direct a student to have no contact with another individual for a specified period of time. This directive may be stated in writing before, as a result of, or after the final meeting/hearing regarding the violation. In some cases, this directive may be in effect outside of the initiation of any student conduct proceedings. The University will also assist students wishing to pursue legal orders of protection.

Emergency authority and temporary regulations. Because situations may arise that are not fully covered by these Standards, the Dean of Campus Life or designee is granted the authority to exercise good judgment in emergency situations, make adjustments to the student conduct process, and to issue temporary rules and regulations to prohibit inappropriate student conduct.

Summary sanctions

The Dean of Campus Life shall have the authority to suspend a student's right to attend classes or to be present on campus, or on other property owned, operated, controlled by, or affiliated with the University prior to the conduct of a formal hearing. A student so sanctioned must leave the campus immediately. The Dean of Campus Life or designee may take this action if he/she is satisfied that serious misconduct has occurred and/or that the student's continued presence on the campus presents unreasonable risk of danger to himself/herself and/or to the community. Students may have other sanctions imposed on a summary basis, as noted above, including, but not limited to, suspension from a campus position, prohibition against participation in a University activity, prohibition against presence in a residence hall, or a restriction from contacting, communicating, or otherwise interfering with the activities or privacy of another member or members of the Millikin community. Following the imposition of a summary sanction, a hearing will be conducted to determine whether the student should be reinstated and the summary sanctions removed.