Conduct Case Levels

Level One: Involves conduct in opposition to the Standards of Conduct that occur on campus in the residence hall system or in the fraternity or sorority facilities. Level One student conduct cases occurring in these facilities will be primarily handled by professional staff within Campus Life. In certain cases, other staff within Student Affairs may assist with the Level One student conduct process. Students wishing to appeal the decision at this level may do so in writing to the Dean of Campus Life.

Level Two: Involves more serious misconduct, including all Sexual Misconduct, person on person violence, and other behaviors that may threaten the safety of the University community. Level Two cases also include repeated conduct which is in opposition to the Standards of Conduct and/or of University policies. Level Two student conduct cases are administered by the Dean of Campus Life (or designee). Initial appeals of decisions are made in writing to the Dean of Campus Life. In more serious cases, where suspension or expulsion may be considered, the Dean of Campus Life may involve a hearing panel of three to five individuals. The structure of the hearing panel will be determined by the Dean of Campus Life in consultation with  other University staff. Any staff member of the Millikin University community, with the approval of their supervisor, may serve on a hearing panel.