Administrative Structure

The Dean of Campus Life has the overall responsibility and authority to supervise the student conduct process. Included in this responsibility is the training of personnel (namely the student conduct officers and hearing panel members), and the continued updating and review of all related student conduct policies and procedures. The Dean of Campus Life also stewards the education of the campus community in relation to the Standards of Conduct.

The Dean of Campus Life and the professional staff in the area of Student Affairs have been delegated the authority to counsel, guide and assist in the development of those students who have been involved in conduct which is in opposition to the student code of conduct of Millikin University.

Student conduct officers partner with the Millikin University Public Safety Department in relation to the safety and security of persons and property on the campus. Public Safety will assist with student conduct cases primarily in the form of investigation procedures and evidence management.

Student Affairs staff members may be required, in specific student conduct proceedings, to serve as the persons to present evidence and call harmed parties in an effort to provide the deciding body with all relevant information.

The Dean of Campus Life has the right to decide how a case will be heard or which student conduct officer(s) will preside over a specific case. This decision will be made in the best interest of the parties involved. Under extraordinary circumstances, student conduct procedures may be revised to protect the psychological or physical needs of students.