Ceiling Decorations

Due to fire codes and safety, nothing may be hung from the ceiling or light fixtures.

Damage to Residence Hall Facilities

Students are encouraged to inform their RA if they have witnessed damage to Residence Hall facilities. Students who are found to damage University facilities are subject to student conduct action. At the end of each semester, charges will be assessed for damages beyond normal wear and tear. Individual room damages will be charged to the student(s) occupying the room. Unless the individual committing the damage is identified, the cost of damages to common spaces within facilities are divided amongst the residents of the particular facility and charged to each student account.

Decorating Guidelines for Rooms

We encourage you to use your creativity to make your room more like home. While you may decorate the inside of your room to suit your tastes, the outside of your door and window are considered available to public view. The University will not allow the posting of items which are deemed to be racist, sexist, indecent, scandalous, illegal, inciting, or in any way oppressive in nature. These items will be removed, and disciplinary action will be taken.

Electrical Appliances

Due to potential fire hazards and power failures caused by overloaded electrical circuits, electrical appliance usage must be limited. The following appliances may only be used if they have an automatic shut off: irons and coffeemakers. Room-size refrigerators can be no larger than 3 cubic feet and use no more than 1.5 amps when running. Microwaves are NOT permitted. Space heaters, sun lamps, halogen lamps, lava lamps, electric blankets, window air conditioners, popcorn poppers, halogen lamps, grills, or appliances with an exposed heating element, are prohibited for safety purposes. Power strips with an automatic circuit breaker are the only extension cords permitted.

Fitness Equipment

Weight-lifting equipment, fencing equipment, etc., is not to be kept or used in the residence hall unless special facilities are furnished. Students are encouraged to use the weight equipment in the Fitness/Wellness Center at the Decatur Indoor Sports Center (DISC).

Furniture Removal

Please do not disassemble furnishings, facilities, or equipment, or remove items such as closet doors, mirrors, screens, etc. Exchanging furniture from room to room or from lounges is prohibited. All furniture is to stay in your room. Furniture is not allowed in the hallway. No waterbeds or water chairs are permitted. Hall staff will NOT store room furniture for any reason. Removal or damage to University furniture will result in student being charged for replacement and/or repair.

Holiday Decoration Safety Regulations


  • Only artificial trees shall be permitted in student rooms, lounges, apartments, and food service areas. No lights are to be used on aluminum trees.
  • Only UL-approved or UL-listed electrical light sets may be used for decoration. The power line must not pass through the doorway or window frame to an outlet.
  • Trees or decorations are not to be placed in any corridor or area, which might obstruct an exit.
  • All decorations used on the inside of any University building must be flameproof or made of a material that is flame retardant.
  • No open flames are permitted.
  • At no time will hallway or exit lights be painted or covered.


No lofts are to be built in any residence hall room and are expressly prohibited. The University is willing to provide pins to allow beds to be bunked. Please contact your RA for assistance.

Solicitation / Posting Information in the Halls

To ensure the security of residence halls, all solicitation, commercial activities, distribution of material under room doors, door-to-door canvassing and similar activities are prohibited in the residence halls unless approved in writing by the Director of Residence Life.