Campus Emergency Notification System

Millikin University and Send Word Now have come together to provide the campus community with a dedicated communication resource that can be activated in the event of a critical event.

  • The Send Word Now Service (SWN) is provided by Millikin University as an additional tool for providing information about or during a crisis.
  • This service is not intended as a substitute for exercising good safety practices.
  • Registering a device with this service does not guarantee notification for every conceivable crisis event.
  • Check with your current service provider for any additional text messaging charges. You are responsible for any additional charges that results from receipt of a SWN message.

Common questions

What is Send Word Now? Send Word Now (SWN) is an emergency notification system that will help communicate mass communication to faculty, staff and students. SWN is a system that is designed to send text and voice messages to cell phones, emails and call landlines during a critical event or a time sensitive situation with the potential to impact the campus.

What is a Critical Incident? A critical incident is defined as an event that disrupts the normal University operations and could put students, visitors, faculty, staff or property at risk.

Why does Millikin need my cell phone number? Millikin needs your cell phone number as a way to communicate with you via text message or by the voice messaging system in the event there is an emergency/ crisis on campus. The system might be used, for example, to alert Millikin University of a Severe Weather strike that is imminent to the campus.

When will I be notified? You will receive a message when a critical event impacting or potentially impacting the campus community has been confirmed.

What else will I receive from Send Word Now? The only message(s) you will receive from Send Word Now will be notifications from Millikin University concerning an emergency or critical event that is occurring on or near campus that could affect the operations of the University, or the well being of our campus community members. 

What should I do when I get the message? There are three things that you should do when you receive the message:

  • Alert Other Individuals. If you are in a classroom and you receive a message, please let the professor and others know so that the appropriate actions can be taken. If you are an employee let your co-workers now.
  • Follow the information that is given in the message. The information in the message is direct and specific to the event that is occurring. If there are instructions do not deviate from them. If there is an emergency, or you are in immediate danger call 911 (7-911 from a campus landline).  If you require other assistance, notify the Millikin Public Safety Department at 217-464-8888 or the city/county emergency communications center at 217-424-2711.

Will Millikin conduct tests of the Send Word Now system and how often? Millikin and Send Word Now will conduct system tests twice a year to ensure the operability of the system. You will be given ample notice before the tests are conducted.

Why would I receive an emergency text message in multiple segments? Wireless devices such as cell phones have a small screen that could accept as few as 50 characters or as many as 160 characters. In order to deliver a complete message to your device, SWN sends large messages in segments small enough to be accepted by the recipient's wireless text device. The SWN system sends the segments in order until the complete message has been delivered.

As you receive your messages and depending on your carrier, your messages could say "1/2 and 2/2" as part of the message indicating the number of messages or segments and the order to read them. As you receive your text message it is very important to read the messages in the order, to make sure you fully understand the message.

How many devices can I sign up? You can sign up four numbers to receive voice messages. You can also sign up four devices to receive emails or phone numbers to receive text messages.

How do students and employees sign up for Send Word Now? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your MyMillikin account
  3. In the upper right hand corner, go into my account
  4. Scroll down to Emergency Communications and then click on the "click here" link
  5. Put in your phone number you want to be contacted at if a message is sent out by Millikin and Send Word Now.
  6. Click submit and your updated information is put in the system.

If you have any questions call Public Safety at 217.464.8888 or from an on-campus phone dial extension 8888.