Survival Kits

Finals are hard. Make sure your student gets the nourishment and encouragement needed to survive the experience. Order your student a Survival Kit for finals week. Orders are due by Monday, December 7.


Kit options

Whether your student is a junk food junkie or a health food nut, we have a kit that will help them through finals week.

  • Survival Kit 1: For the sweet tooth in all of us! Featuring Del's Popcorn and a combination of sweet treats, bubbles and a tension toy.
  • Survival Kit 2: Features Del's Popcorn, an assortment of wholesome snacks, bubbles, a tension toy, and a Big Blue sweet treat!

Order your Survival Kit online today.

What MU students are saying about their survival kit...

  • "The final's survival kit was so unexpected! I was so excited to get a box full of candy. It made my week a whole lot better!" Courtney Gerk
  • "I didn't know my parents were planning on sending me a finals survival kit, so when I got the email to pick it up I was really surprised. It was fun to open it and be able to share all the fun snacks with my friends. The kit helped us to take some study breaks and get our mind off of homework for a little bit!" Hailee Peck
  • "When I received my survival kit I was so excited!!  During the school year you are often caught up in so many different projects and events that its nice to receive such a great surprise from mom and dad.  It reminds you of their support and love!" Alyx Sims
  • "Receiving my survival package was awesome! It made me feel really special inside. I loved it! It gave me a really good boost of confidence I needed while studying for finals." Cori Nasso
  • "It was a great "pick-me-up" to help keep me motivated during finals week!" Sean Bergholz