Purpose: Defines the use of university owned printers for student printing located in labs and residence halls.

Policy: Each student will be allotted 1,000 pages of paper per year, renewed each August 1st. Previous balances, including extra purchased pages, are not carried forward from year to year. Additional pages over 1,000 per academic year will be available for purchase through MU Online and charged to the student’s account.

Procedure: Each time a student selects the print option when using a general access printer in a lab or residence hall, the computer will confirm that the job has been sent to the selected printer. The student must then authorize the print job through myMILLIKIN. The student will receive an email notification regarding the print job.

If a student encounters an issue with the printer (printer out of toner or paper or a printer malfunction) and the print job fails to print, the student must notify the Help Desk.

If the student requests a print job and is charged for the print job, but the printer fails to print some or all of the pages, the student may request a refund by going to myMILLIKIN, clicking Authorize Print Jobs on the Menu and selecting Recent Print Jobs. The student must specify a reason, or the request will be denied.

**If a student leaves a computer logged in with their username and password in a lab and someone uses the login for printing, there will be no refund of pages to their account. Students must be diligent about logging out of computers in general access areas so that none of their accounts are compromised.

Applies to: All Millikin students