Purpose: The University offcers complimentary email addresses as a service to Millikin alumni. This service is made possible through generous support from members of the Class of 2008.

Policy: By requesting or using a Millikin University alumni email account, the user automatically accepts the following terms and conditions:

Storage Limits and Account Activity:

Alumni are provided 2 GB of mailbox storage for Millikin email. When the email account reaches 90% capacity, the user receives a warning message stating that s/he is approaching the storage limit. When this limit is reached, new email messages cannot be received and the user receives email notification that the storage limit has been reached. The user must then delete or archive old emails to allow the account to receive new messages.

Email messages will be retained for 4 years. A utility will run that automatically deletes any messages older than 4 years. Messages in any folders and sub-folders are not excluded from this retention policy.

Email attachments are limited to 200 MB for internal messages, and 20 MB for external messages.

To maximize available space, inactive accounts are automatically purged from the system according to the following schedule:

After 360 days of continuous non-use, the user receives an email warning of account inactivation. Following an additional 30 days of non-use, the account is inactivated and its contents purged. Purged information cannot be recovered. After an additional 180 days of non-use, the account is permanently deleted. An inactivated account may be reactivated within the 180 day window; however, individual emails cannot be recovered.

Users may maintain one Millikin-owned email account at any given time. Multiple accounts registered to the same user are not permitted.

In the event an alumnus with an alumni email account enrolls as a student at Millikin or becomes employed by the University or its affiliates, the email account in use by that person is reclassified and is subject to the applicable Electronic Communications Policy for Students and Employees.


Establishing an Account

Alumni who graduated in or after May 2007 retain access to the account that was established for them as a Millikin student. There is no change in the name of the email address, but the storage limits, account inactivity rules, and terms of use stated above will apply to their account.

Alumni who graduated before May 2007 or alumni that have completed at least 12 semester hours of credit at Millikin may submit a request for an alumni email account by logging in to MU Online.

For request Alumni email accounts, the following naming scheme will be used:

Firstname initial + lastname + -alum
e.g. James Walker Smith = jsmith-alum@millikin.edu

Firstname initial + middlename initial + lastname + -alum
e.g. James Walker Smith = jwsmith-alum@millikin.edu

First 2 letters of firstname + lastname + -alum
e.g. James Walker Smith = jasmith-alum@millikin.edu

Firstname + lastname + -alum
e.g. James Walker Smith = jamessmith-alum@millikin.edu

Terms of Use:

The alumni email service is intended for personal use and, as such, alumni email accounts may not be used to create or transmit unsolicited bulk electronic messages (commonly known as 'spam'), content intended for commercial gain, or content which violates applicable state or federal laws.

Users are solely responsible for any content they create or transmit while using the system.

Alumni email accounts are University-owned and subject to inactivation at the University's sole discretion.

The University is not responsible for any content received by the user from another person or entity, and furthermore is not liable for any physical, emotional or mechanical damage arising from use of the system.

The University reserves the right to alter or terminate the alumni email service at any time.

These terms and conditions may be amended or altered at any time, with or without prior notice. The University or its agent will notify users via email of any changes to the Email for Life Policy for Alumni.

Applies to: All Millikin University alumni email accounts.