Novell Data Sync (NDS) is available for current students of Millikin University.  NDS allows the user to sync user email, calendar, contacts, and reminders from GroupWise to many mobile devices.

A word on Android devices

Every Android device is different.

Many manufacturers like to take the base "Android" operating system and add their own spin on it.  Samsung and HTC are two of the largest companies that use this practice, but other, smaller companies do the same thing on a lesser scale.  This means that a Samsung phone can feel completely different from an HTC phone, which feels different from a Motorola phone, which feels different from an LG phone...even though technically they all have the same version of Android installed.

Also, the default apps installed on an Android phone don't match.  Most Android phones have an app called e-mail - but the e-mail app installed on one model of phone isn't the same thing as the e-mail app installed on another phone.

We've done our best to provide instructions that are detailed enough to allow you to find your way through the process, but general enough to apply to most devices.

Before you begin

  • Be sure to complete the myMILLIKIN portion of this setup first.  Otherwise, you will not be able to set up your e-mail to a mobile device.
  • You will need your e-mail sync server. This is included in the confirmation e-mail when you complete the myMILLIKIN setup.  You can also see this server in myMILLIKIN on the "My Account" page (under the heading "Mobile Device Sync").  This server will take the form of <something>

Phone setup

  1. Open the e-mail app on your device.  If you've never set up an e-mail account on this device before, you will be prompted to do so now. Otherwise, navigate to your account settings and add a new account.
  2. On the new account screen, if the option for Exchange account is present, select Exchange. Otherwise, select Corporate sync.
  3. Enter your Millikin username and password, then tap the "Manual setup" button.
  4. The screen (ex on the right) varies wildly from device to device. Here's what you're looking for:
    • Domain\username: Enter AT\username.  This is the same username that you use to sign into myMILLIKIN.  (Note that some phones may have two separate blanks for this; if so, enter AT in the domain box and your Millkin username in the username box.)
    • Password: This should already be filled in with the correct value if you entered it in the last screen.
    • Exchange server: This is the server name included in the e-mail notification your received after the myMILLIKIN portion of the e-mail setup.  This can also be viewed from myMILLIKIN on the "My Account" page, under the heading "Mobile Device Sync."
    • Use secure connection (SSL): If this checkbox is present, check it.
    • Use client certificate: If this checkbox is present, do not check it.
  5. You'll now be prompted to configure device-specific settings for your e-mail account.  The main setting you're interested in here is "E-mail sync frequency," where you can determine how often your phone checks for new messages.  Most devices have a "Push" setting, which allows your phone to automatically receive notifications that new e-mail has arrived, but this setting also uses the most data when using a limited mobile data plan.  These settings can be changed later.
  6. Finally, you'll be prompted for a display name or nickname.  Enter "Millikin", or "Millikin e-mail," or anything you would like.

Congratulations!  If you made it through all of these steps without errors, your Millikin e-mail should now be set to synchronize on your Android smartphone.


(Or, "Help! It didn't work!")

  • Remember that different Android devices are very different.  There may be blanks on your device that are not mentioned here, or the entries may be named differently.  You may need to experiment a little bit.
  • Have you completed the myMILLIKIN portion of the e-mail setup?  If not, please see NDS setup and complete the myMILLIKIN portion of the setup first. This is necessary to prepare your account for mobile sync.
  • Is your device connected to Wi-Fi? Some devices experience difficulty setting up Millikin e-mail accounts while using a mobile data connection. Try connecting it to the MU-RESNET wireless network first.
  • If you've tried all of the above, check Novell's compatibility list to see if your device is listed.  If not, it's possible that your device does not support the NDS protocol.
  • If you're using an older Android device, the default e-mail app may not be capable of handling an NDS account.  Try downloading an alternate e-mail app from the Google Play Store, such as K-9 Mail.
  • It's much easier to delete the account and set it up again from scratch than it is to troubleshoot an existing setup that isn't working.  Try deleting the account from your phone and starting over.