The purpose of Novell Data Sync (NDS) is to sync Millikin Email, Calendar, and Contacts to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.  NDS is available to all current Millikin University students. NDS does not work with laptops.

WiFi-only devices must be connected to MU-RESNET (Secured Wireless Network) before beginning the NDS setup. For information on connecting to the Secured Wireless network, click here.

NDS setup

  • Log in to myMILLIKIN
  • Click on MY ACCOUNT in the top right corner of the page
  • Under the "Mobile Device Sync" section, click on the link to begin the setup process.
  • After reading the notice displayed, enter your preferred email address, then click the Enable Sync button. Once you have done this, your sync account will be automatically set up.
  • This process takes an average of 5 minutes; you can check the status of your request by going to MY ACCOUNT on myMILLIKIN and looking at the "Mobile Device Sync" section.
  • Once the message under "Mobile Device Sync" says your account has been set up, you may begin setting up your phone:


I have not received an email confirmation. What do I do?
 Return to the MY ACCOUNT area of myMILLIKIN. Under Mobile Device Sync, the status of your NDS account will be displayed.

My device is requesting a server name.  Where do I find this information?
Please go to myMILLIKIN and click on MY ACCOUNT.  If your mobile sync account is set up completely, your server name will be displayed.

I have followed the instructions, but my device is not syncing. What do I do now? 
While most newer devices work with NDS, there are some that don’t. Due to the innumerable models available, you should check with your device’s manufacturer or service provider (Verizon, AT&T) for more information and specialized assistance. Also, by managing the size of your Millikin email Inbox, other issues and delays may be avoided.