Classroom Presentations

The mission of the Career Center is to teach Millikin students and alumni lifelong career skills so that they can develop and achieve career goals, thereby translating their Millikin experience into a lifetime of meaningful work and professional success in a global economy. The Career Center also promotes civic engagement and active participation in the community to assist students in developing the skills needed for a lifetime of democratic citizenship and service to others.

One way we can increase interest in our services is to teach the basics of career development through classroom presentations. Listed below are just a few of the presentations that are available. Consider inviting us to share our expertise with you and your students. We are confident that you will find the information practical, powerful and professional.

The Effective Job Search

Successful strategies and techniques must be utilized in order to conduct an effective job search, and this process can be very overwhelming for students. In this presentation, students will learn how to break down the job search into seven steps, which will help them find the job they WANT.

Understanding Personality Type

ENTP, ISFJ, ESTP, INFJ. It all looks like alphabet soup, but it’s actually a personality theory based on Jungian psychology, and it helps us understand each other. This presentation can be designed to provide students with valuable information as it relates to personality type and a variety of personal and workplace issues including communication, decision-making and teamwork.

What To Do With a Major…

Many students have a major that they love, but aren't sure what career paths to consider. This workshop is designed to help students identify resources to assist them in developing and clarifying career goals.

Interviewing Skills for Career Success

Employers say 80% of job candidates cannot articulate their skills or major strengths in a job interview! And, most students don't know what skills employers seek in new college graduates. This presentation will help students will give students the knowledge and confidence they need to make every interview a great interview.

Networking 101

For students, networking can be a scary thing, largely because they don't know how to do it correctly. This workshop will teach students the in's and out's of the networking process and how to build relationships and contacts that will assist them in the job search and beyond.

Developing Effective Marketing Tools: Resumes and Cover Letters

A resume and cover letter is often a student's first contact with a potential employer and will help them land an interview, so these documents need to be perfect! This presentation outlines how to write GREAT resumes and cover letters and explains what makes them stand out from the employer's perspective.

Surviving and Thriving as a New Professional

You got the job. What do you do now? How about some advice that will help you move forward in your career? Information for this presentation was gathered from seasoned professionals and employers and will help students make a positive impression in their first job.

Wild Card!

Is there is a topic you want the Career Center to address that's not covered in this list? Just call us at 217-424-6294, and we will tailor make a workshop that meets your needs!