Welcome to the Millikin Trumpet Studio

The trumpet studio at Millikin University consists of trumpet students from around the region who have come to Millikin to develop their trumpet skills. They major in programs such as Performance, Commercial Music, Music Education, and Music Business. Some Millikin trumpet students major in non-music programs but still maintain a significant presence in the musical life of the University through their dedication to their instrument.

Each student studies weekly with Professor Randall Reyman, working on various aspects of tone production, technique, and musicality. Melodic etudes, rhythmic etudes, solos, transposition etudes, and developmental exercises make up the bulk of materials covered in lessons, but depending on the student's goals, areas such as orchestra excerpts and/or jazz improvisation are often addressed as well. All students meet regularly in trumpet master class where they perform for one another, and discuss pedagogical and historical topics relating to the trumpet.  Millikin trumpet students have the opportunity to perform in the weekly Thursday recitals, or once a month in the wind area recitals.

All members of the trumpet studio are members of the Millikin University Trumpet Society (MUTS) which promotes trumpet events on campus. In recent years, MUTS has helped sponsor the appearances of Al Vizzuti, William Scarlet, Marvin Perry, Pharez Whitted, Bobby Shew, Sonus Brass, and Four Other Brothers.  Members of the Millikin Trumpet Society also make trips to hear performances of groups such as the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

Millikin trumpet students