August 2, 2019 at 9:15am
Jessica Landgrebe

With the Right Tools, College can be Easy

College can be challenging – especially when you're trying to handle time management, classes and extracurricular activities. But it's important to have fun as well as stay organized.

With the right tools you can make your college experience easy, and there are a vast amount of apps that can make a difference when it comes to productivity, learning or even socializing. Here are some must-have apps to help you survive the day-to-day college life.


mu2go appMillikin University's MU2go app is designed to provide quick access to important content for students, faculty, families and friends who interact with the Big Blue community. MU2go will help you find dining options, hours and menus, including where to spend your flex dollars, quick access to myMillikin apps, info about upcoming events and important contacts in case of an emergency.


millimoji appShare your love for the Big Blue with the MilliMojis sticker pack. Millimojis make it easy to express yourself in emoji shorthand. With MilliMojis, you can share fun conversations with MU friends and family and celebrate your favorite events. 


For more information about either Millikin app, visit our Millikin Apps page. 


Students can use Evernote to keep class notes and projects organized. Unlike hand-written notes, you can use Evernote to easily search, using keywords, to quickly find the information you need. It can also be used on multiple devices and features automatic syncing, making it easy to work on projects from anywhere.


Have an upcoming group project and need a way to easily work in a group and stay organized? With Trello you can make task lists and assign them to users, comment back and forth to virtually discuss important aspects of a project, share files, and even track your time spent if desired. Trello is also great for managing course workload. You can use it to create project lists for each of your courses and archive each task as they are completed. With Trello you can get an overall view of your homework and workload each week.


Wunderlist is a great tool to keep track of to-do lists, grocery lists or event things you need for an upcoming project. You can share lists with other users so they can view or contribute. All your lists are stored in the cloud, so if you lose your phone, you still have access to all your important information.


Group projects have never been so easy with Zoom. It is always difficult to find the time to meet for those group projects, but with Zoom, students can collaborate via video from anywhere. Work through a tough homework assignment, study for an upcoming test, or collaborate on an important group project with up to 100 people for free. After graduation, Zoom is also a great way to connect with fellow classmates and stay in touch, no matter where you're located.


Another great app for group projects and collaboration is GroupMe. With GroupMe you can create private group messages to coordinate with classmates, organize a project, or work through a homework assignment. Messages can be sent directly through short message services (SMS) so you don't even need the app downloaded to your device to use!


For most, music is a way to make it through the day. With Spotify you can create playlists of your favorite music to help you focus for that upcoming exam or jam out while you work out. Follow the Millikin University Spotify Playlists to hear new music from Millikin students and faculty as well as listen to our student-curated playlists.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Have a class lecture coming up? Don’t miss important information by using the Otter Voice Meeting Notes app. With this app you can easily record class lectures, group discussions, all of which are automatically transcribed. The talk-to-text feature allows you to record your own mental notes to help write that upcoming paper. Otter Voice also provides live captioning for anyone with accessibility needs.


Learn more than 20 different languages for free with Duolingo. The app allows you to practice speaking, reading, listening and writing. Whether you are taking a foreign language course and need extra help, or you just want to learn a new language on the go, Duolingo is a great resource.