September 3, 2020 at 10:30am
Sydney McReynolds '19

A few reminders to ensure the health and well-being of yourself and those around you

After a successful first week of classes, Millikin is starting to feel whole again with operations back to as normal as can be. As the semester continues, here are a few reminders of ways to help ensure the health and well-being of yourself and those around you!

1. Keep wearing those masks!

Everyone has done a great job of wearing masks on and off campus, and it shows in the low number of cases! Keep up the good work and continue to #MaskUpMU!

Millikin Students

2. Connect with your friends and family virtually or socially distanced

Being away from friends and family can be hard, especially if those people live close to you! Right now it's important that everyone stays on campus to help stop the spread of germs, and avoid the temptation of going home when we may feel homesick. Call your family, get coffee and meet your friends on the quad where you can visit six feet apart, or maybe even write those friends and family a letter!

3. Log your symptoms in the Daily Symptom Tracker on MyMillikin

Don't forget to log your symptoms into the symptom tracker every day! By doing this you are not only helping with possible contact tracing, you are also helping yourself become more aware of how your body is feeling. Be proactive in helping to end the pandemic!

Millikin Students

4. Hang up and hang out with nature

We have all probably been glued to our phones since quarantine began. Now that you are back on campus, take some time during your walk to class to stop and admire some of the vegetation planted around our beautiful campus. Not to mention, the Millikin squirrels missed you while you were away!

5. Keep yourself organized and accountable for all your schoolwork with lists

Keeping track of all of your class locations, times and assignments is hard enough during a "normal" school year, and now you are adding Zoom links and Google hangouts on top of that. By making lists of everything and keeping those lists somewhere easily accessible, you will help set yourself up for success. Besides, getting to cross everything off your lists is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

Continue to hold yourself and your friends accountable for the health and safety of Millikin and the surrounding campus community.