August 17, 2021 at 10:45am
Aly Armstrong

12 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Residence Hall

The new academic year is here ... you have officially moved into your residence hall, and just when you thought you got everything on your list, here are 12 more items I bet you didn’t think about. This list will help you to have even more of an unforgettable year at Millikin.

1. Water Pitcher with Filter

If you are picky about the water you are drinking, this pitcher is a great way to find the water you need. By bringing a pitcher it will help you save money instead of buying cases and cases of water bottles throughout the year. Let me tell you, carrying those up the stairs is not fun. 

2. Ottoman/Step Stool

Now depending on your height this could qualify as a necessity. Getting up into those dorm room beds are not always the easiest, so a step stool would greatly help. An ottoman can also be used as a helpful stool as well as being used as storage. 

3. Fun Room Decor

Moving away from home for the first time can be difficult so making sure that you feel at home in your new dorm room is important. Items that could help with that can include rugs, printed pictures, posters, flags and some cool lighting like LED lights.

4. Backrest Pillow

Of course you have lots of pillows on your college packing list, but do you have the backrest pillow? If you don’t have back pain yet then let's keep it that way. You may not have much room to sit in your dorm room and may find yourself sitting in your bed most of the time. For better comfort this backrest pillow is best used while sitting in bed, maybe doing homework or just resting outside of classes.

5. Small Safe

If you are planning on bringing any valuables with you to school then it is never a bad idea to be too safe. Whether it comes to cash, a social security card, birth certificate or any credit cards, it would be best to keep those hidden, just in case. 

6. Whiteboard/Planner

Staying on top of school work, games, campus activities and even free time can become a load of work. A whiteboard and/or planner will help you to organize and keep your schedule straight. 

7. Closet Organizers

Compared to your closet at home, what you have at school may be much smaller. If so, then there are different things you can find that will help to organize and condense all your clothes and shoes into your dorm room. 

8. A Few Power Strips

Most dorm rooms only have a few outlets and with all your items you will need more than that. Power strips, especially longer ones, can help to better organize your dorm room and not have you worry about the placement of items that need to be plugged in. 

9. Tool Kit

You and your roommates may find yourselves in need of tools to put together items for your rooms or other items throughout the school year.

10. Portable Laundry Hamper

Now any laundry hamper would work ... but having a portable one will make it much easier to go up and down stairs with your MANY loads of laundry. Who knows what floor you will be on!

11. Lanyard

It's certainly important to not lose your keys and have to pay for new ones, so having a lanyard would be helpful. Your Millikin ID is very useful around campus especially if you want to eat! Keeping all these items together can be easy if you have a lanyard. The Millikin Bookstore is a great place to find this resourceful item for your keys and ID.

12. Mini Fridge

A fridge is a great way to keep yummy snacks cool in your dorm room. Eating at the dining hall may get old or the hours they are open may not be right when you are hungry. Some great snacks to keep cold can include fruits, vegetables, chocolate and even that water pitcher with a filter.