April 5, 2021 at 12:45pm
Sydney McReynolds '19

Ways to push to the finish line successfully, despite COVID burnout

It’s that time of year again when the semester is coming to a close, and it seems like the projects, tests and assignments are endless. Just when you think it’s time to relax from school, you’re reminded of the finals you have to prepare for and assignments you have to finish. This time of the semester is hard during a normal year, but the weight of college mixed with COVID burnout is proving to be tricky. Here are 10 tips on how to finish the last few months of the semester strong while pushing through the burnout from the pandemic.

1. Make a schedule or routine

In the last few months of the semester, it may seem like there are more and more assignments and finals coming your way. Among the sport you might play, organization you may lead or job you may work, it’s important to add “working on X assignment” into that schedule.

2. Take care of yourself, not just your homework

Within that schedule you’re making, don’t forget to add in personal health time. This can help the feeling of burnout, especially when you schedule in a fun physical activity, a new meal to try or even just a nap. Put these into your schedule so everyone, including yourself, know that’s what you’re doing at that time!

3. Don’t skip classes

While it may be easy to skip a class to work on homework for another, or even work on that homework during virtual class, this will just cause you to fall behind! You might skip another class to work on the homework for the previously mentioned class, and you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle.