Live and Work at the Intersection of the Arts & Business

Do you love creating art, digital media, playing music or participating in theatre or dance? Are you also interested in making creative content for clients or running a business? Then you will be a perfect fit in the Arts Technology and Administration Department. You will learn the creative skills and technology to make digital media or perform in one or more of the arts disciplines. You will also be engaged in learning the business tools in management, marketing, entrepreneurship and more preparing you to be more than a service provider but instead be a creative partner or administrator in an arts business.

The world is interdisciplinary and so should be your education.

In both the Arts Administration major and the Arts Technology major students can earn either a BA or BS degree.

Arts Administration Concentrations

Art Administration  |  Arts Technology Administration  |  Dance Administration  |  Music Administration  |  Theatre Administration

Arts Technology Concentrations

Audio Engineering & Production  |  Interactive Media  |  Live Event Technology  |  Video Production  |  Visual Media

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"What the student-run ventures allow our students to do is to have the experience of running a business with real world risks and rewards. It gives the students a window onto the industry in a very hands-on kind of way so when they walk in and apply for a job at a production company, or something alike, they know they have the skills, they're confident and they can demonstrate it." ~ Laura Ledford, Dean of the College of Fine Arts

Which Student Run Arts Business Do You See Yourself Working In?

"A student-run venture is basically Performance Learning at its peak. You are a part of the business that is centered on its students. With a lot of these student-run ventures, it's very much learning on the y, it's an adaptation, it's you seeing a problem and pivoting. Being a part of these ventures is an awesome opportunity, and it's great because we're put in a position to succeed." ~ Daniel Rivera, Millikin Student

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News in Arts Technology & Administration

Millitrax Recording Studios
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New Faculty In Sound Design: Anna Alex
August 20, 2019, 3:45pm
Anna Alex comes to Millikin University after teaching in Audio Recording and Sound Design at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and The University of Nebraska, Kearney. She...
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Millikin Arts Technology
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Millikin students' animations unveiled at Scovill Zoo
May 15, 2019, 3:30pm
Student animations provide new attraction for zoo visitors Scovill Zoo visitors can witness the impressive animation work of Millikin University Arts Technology students as they enter the...
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Millikin Arts Technology
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Images in Motion: Arts Technology Department presents first film festival
May 14, 2019, 3:30pm
Millikin students showcase short films and animations Teams of filmmakers and animators were given a unique opportunity to create and exhibit their work at Millikin University's first "...
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