June 24, 2015 at 2:45pm
James Johnson

The end of the academic year is a time of reflection in terms of recognizing the efforts of student work. Those efforts were featured during Millikin University’s Celebrations of Scholarship (COS) on April 24. The day of scholarship provided a public forum for people to hear and see the results of Millikin students’ creative projects.

Multiple disciplines of research and discovery were covered across Millikin’s campus representing the College of Arts & Sciences, Fine Arts, Professional Studies and Tabor School of Business. The event also featured the 22nd COS Poster Symposium held on the second and third floors of Shilling Hall.

Among the diverse topics was the English Language Center’s (ELC) presentation on “Enhancing Cross-Cultural Awareness,” held in Shilling Hall. The presenters included international students Hyunsuk Jung, from South Korea; Coraline Beau, from France; Mouna Boutra, from France; and Yuliana Gomez-Canturias, from Peru.

I thought their presentation was professional, and the fact that they were able to present in their second language was very impressive,” said Julie Lauper, Millikin English Language Center adjunct faculty member. “I thought it was interesting how they were able to analyze their research and reflect on it.

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The students presented their findings of interviews conducted in their American Studies course. Their project focused on cross-cultural awareness through a comparison and contrast of American culture and the cultures of France, Peru, and Korea. 

Attendees learned perspectives on noteworthy similarities and differences between various cultures. Many of the values the international students presented on included family, religion and hard work.