Retail Showcase for the Arts

Opened in 2003, Blue Connection is Millikin University’s retail art gallery located in the Madden Arts Center in Downtown Decatur. Focused on arts and specialty businesses, the retail location is used by students in Millikin's Arts and Entrepreneurship Program to grow their businesses. Products are conceived, designed, and/or crafted by the students who sell them.

Millikin’s Arts and Entrepreneurship Program is a six-credit course sequence providing learning-based business opportunities for students to practice self employment. The Program utilizes curricular-based, experiential activities and student-run ventures to give students a live laboratory experience in developing, launching, and growing a business. Rather than learn before doing, students are expected to learn while doing by first launching a micro-venture in the Program’s introductory course, The Art of Entrepreneurship. Then students explore growth though Blue Connection.

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Unique Opportunities for Students

Blue Connection  is currently showcasing work from 2 students, Kat Scarim and Katie Stitzel.

The Blue Connection Video Collection