Bella Hernandez

Make It Millikin: Bella Hernandez


English Writing

April 29, 2019 10:04 AM
Kalli Farmer '20

English writing major finds herself through literature

Growing up we all search to find out who we are and what our identity is. Sophomore English Writing major Bella Hernandez, from Manhattan, Ill., did just that by finding herself through literature.

In her first year at Millikin University, Hernandez was studying theatre. During her first semester, she took a play analysis course and realized that she was not on the right track for what she wants to pursue.

"After taking the play analysis class, I realized that I wanted to be the one writing the stories rather than producing or acting in them," Hernandez said.

With this realization, Hernandez changed her major to English Writing. With professors like Dr. Karly Grice, assistant professor of English, Hernandez felt greatly encouraged to pursue writing rather than acting.

Bella Hernandez

"Dr. Grice has helped me figured out what I want to be writing and has shown me multiple authors that have inspired me," said Hernandez. "She really cares about each of her students and helps them in any way that she can."

Hernandez wants to focus her writing on the young adult genre. Her reason for focusing on this genre comes from her own experience and love of reading young adult novels growing up. Coming from a diverse background, Hernandez noticed there were not many characters that she could individually relate to.

"I realized that there was a lack of representation of marginalized identities in the books I was reading growing up," Hernandez said. "I want young adults, no matter their background, to find at least one aspect to relate to in the characters that I write about."

Bella Hernandez

Hernandez would argue that people should not have a limited idea of who they should become or how they should see themselves. She is going to make sure that her writing encourages just that.

"I know it's a clich√©, but we all are so different after all," Hernandez said.