Loretta Volker '62

Loretta Volker



After graduating from Silver Cross Hospital School of Nursing (cum laude) I was encouraged by the Silver Cross faculty to enroll in college and pursue a degree in education (specifically with the intention of teaching nursing). I enrolled at Millikin University and while at Millikin was offered the opportunity to be campus nurse, which I did throughout my time at MU.

Later I completed my master’s degree in psychology at Bradley University. Throughout my working career I have been involved in health and human services.

In 2008 I was recognized as one of 25 Women in Leadership by Peoria television station WEEK. In 2013 I was honored by our local Bureau County Republican newspaper as one of several Women of Distinction in our Illinois Valley area.

I am in my 16th year of service on the Bureau County Board where one of my responsibilities is to serve as representative on the Board of Health.

In my career I have been instrumental in the creation of a recognized Illinois Board of Health program developing a dental clinic that serves a five-county area. The Health Department recently added Marshall County and earlier Putnam County, enabling it to serve the totally underserved rural counties in the “heart of Illinois.”

Beginning in the mid-1960s and to date I have been a volunteer research subject with a Vital Study of Women’s Health through Harvard University.

In 2015 my husband and I went on a pilgrimage to Spain, France and Portugal after 20 years of service to Christian groups in a four-state area.

I am currently working to initiate an outreach/emergency mental health service for veterans.