Lauren Vander Pluym


Secondary Education/Social Sciences.


I originally came to Millikin University to become a part of its renowned music program. As a freshman music business major, I was unaware that the music program was not the only excellent course of study at Millikin. My sophomore year, I changed my major to secondary education/social sciences.

At the time, I had no idea what to expect of the history department, but over the past three years I have come to realize that this department is one of Millikin’s greatest treasures. The department’s faculty is composed of the most knowledgeable and caring professors that I have ever come across in my undergraduate career, and provides a personal education that challenges each and every individual to think and communicate at a higher level.

I am proud to say that because of the skills that this department has given me, I have chosen to continue my education at the graduate level,something I never thought possible before. The history department’s brilliant and personable faculty members commit themselves to excellence and settle for no less in their students. This program will challenge any student who chooses to study history, whether as a major field of study or just for fun, to grow both personally and academically.