Kara Allison



The Millikin History Department shares a very close relationship with students. The faculty cares deeply for the students and wants to help them succeed in every aspect of their lives. I have spent countless hours in professors’ offices discussing class lectures, research topics, books,and my future goals. The faculty has been my sounding board and has guided me to achieve success in the classroom and in the professional field. Through the History Department, I have become a well-rounded individual.I have developed my writing, reading, debating, and critical thinking skills.

Also, I have been exposed to a variety of course topics,interpretations, theories, discussions, and teaching styles. I have learned to think outside the box and look at the big picture. I have been able to apply the skills and knowledge from my course work to professional and work experiences. I have interned at the First Division Museum in Wheaton, Illinois, the Macon County Conservation District, and presented papers at the Conference on Illinois History and the annual meeting of the Illinois State Historical Society.

My experience with the History Department is one that I will carry for the remainder of my life. It has been nothing but positive. They helped me grow as a person, a student, and as a citizen of the world. The faculty of the History Department will continue to have an impact on the lives of students for years to come.