Justin Pinta


Modern Languages


As a 2010 alumnus of Millikin, my experience in the Spanish program was fundamental in my development as an individual and the development of my career. I first became interested in studying Spanish at MU via the radio program of Dr. Eduardo Cabrera, “Español en Acción” which, as a native of Decatur, drew my attention in being the only Spanish-language radio program in Macon County.

Upon enrolling at Millikin, the Spanish program impressed me by the diversity of its Spanish-speaking faculty, the variety of classes it offered, and the travel opportunities it made possible. As a result of my studies as an MU Spanish major (which included a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina), I attained critical conversational Spanish skills as well as the ability the express myself in writing.

In addition to this, I was exposed to authentic Latin American texts which caused me to think critically not only about the linguistic nature of the texts but about the cultural and sociological perspectives of their authors. My time as a Spanish major at MU also crucially laid a solid foundation for my studies beyond Millikin’s campus.

After Millikin I went on to earn a Master’s in Linguistics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I studied the linguistic contact between Spanish and Paraguayan Guarani, a language indigenous to Paraguay and Argentina which I first became exposed to during my semester abroad. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics at the Ohio State University, where I am also a Spanish language instructor.

I look back at my time at MU as vital in having prepared me for my studies beyond graduation, and I do not believe I would be on the track I am now were it not for the invaluable training I received at Millikin in the department of Modern Languages. I am a proud alumnus!