Gabrielle Catlin

June 21, 2019 2:06 PM

Gabrielle Catlin ’19 came to Millikin as a homeschooled student from Noblesville, Ind., having never attended a public or private educational institution. She chose Millikin because of the tight-knit community that surrounded the entire school and centered on the School of Theatre & Dance in particular.

While at Millikin, Gabby discovered a passion for helping underprivileged students find their place within the collegiate system. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in theatre, she is bound for Kent State University in Ohio, where she will continue to develop that passion as she completes a master’s degree in higher education administration and student affairs. Theatre, however, will always remain a large part of Gabby’s life, and she remains passionate about supporting the Center for Theatre & Dance. She believes the Center will only intensify the connection among individuals that was so evident from her very first exposure to the Millikin community.

Gabby is excited about what the new Center means for Millikin students. “In my mind, there is nothing greater to contribute to than the fostering of young, creative minds in the pursuit of collaborating to change the world,” she said. Gabby believes that it is also important for students to be engaged with the development of the building: “The new Center for Theatre & Dance is every current student’s chance to leave a legacy for every student that comes after them — to be able to proudly say that they helped create the space and make it into the inclusive and creative environment that we all intend for it to be … whether you give financially [or] with your time, talents and dedication, don’t miss out on changing the future of Millikin University.”