Elizabeth Baugher Bangtson

June 21, 2019 2:06 PM

Elizabeth Baugher Bangtson ’07 has a unique Millikin story to tell as a non-traditional student. After moving to Decatur from Minnesota, Beth took a job at Millikin, serving the University in the Business Office and Human Resources. After working at Millikin for a few years, she enrolled in the University’s PACE program, now known as Flexible Learning, and completed her degree while working full-time.

As a child, Beth’s dream was to perform on Broadway. As it often does, life steered her on a different course. After earning her bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, Beth embraced her new career as a human resources professional. In 2010, she moved back to Minnesota with her husband, Bill ’08, and their two daughters. She currently works for PMG Inc. as a human resources manager, where she functions as a department of one, so her expertise is much in demand.

Though Beth’s career path took a different turn, her passion for theatre has not waned. When Beth was preparing to move back to Minnesota, fundraising for the Center for Theatre & Dance was just beginning. Beth and Bill both loved watching performances by the School of Theatre & Dance during their time at Millikin, and Beth longed to be able to give back to the University that had given her so much. She wanted to tangibly show her appreciation for employment with ample growth and development opportunities, as well as the educational opportunities enjoyed by both Beth and her husband. Given her love of theatre, supporting the new Center seemed like a natural fit.

Beth believes the Center for Theatre & Dance is a worthwhile and vital cause: “I promise, after seeing just one performance by the students … anyone would feel exactly how I felt and continue to feel today.”