Christina Cummins


Choral Teacher, Dundee-Crown High School

Christina Cummins '17 Graduate

Major: Vocal Music Education

1. What did you like most about the Education Program at Millikin University?
I appreciated all the work and effort the education staff put into seeing me succeed in my endeavors.

2. What was your favorite moment in an internship experience?
My favorite moment was working with children during my Millikin Children's Choir internship.

3. What was your favorite education course and why was it special to you?
I loved Elementary Methods with Melissa Miller for music education. It was a blast building our curriculums and lessons for the elementary level students.

4. Are there any other exciting memories or experiences you would like to share to future students?
The best part is getting to learn with some of your closest friends, who will build you up when you feel too weak to continue on.

5. What advice would you give incoming education students at Millikin?
You are studying to be a teacher, so act like a teacher, while you are learning. Stay ahead of the game, and be professional just like how you would act in your future classroom.

6.  Have you accepted employment? If so, what is your job title and place of employment?
Yes, Choral Teacher at Dundee-Crown High School in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.