Alex Zalar

Alex Zalar


ER Nurse


Pi Beta Phi

July 9, 2019 2:07 PM

“Nurse”. One of the many words that define who I am as a person. There are many other words I use to describe myself, however, this word has made a huge impact in my every day life.

Alex ZalarAs a nurse in the emergency room, I am tasked with caring for anything and everything that comes through those doors, with little to no warning as to what I’m walking in to. I care for people on their very worst days. Maybe a car accident, a heart attack, the loss of a child, stroke, assault, or even a sore throat may bring someone to the emergency room, bringing them to me. It is my job to make their worst day just a little bit better. I’ve witnessed the beginning and end of life, watching the first or last breath taken by a patient.

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference in a patient’s life, to heal the mind, body, and soul, and to care for family members as they try and comprehend  the whirlwind that is a hospital visit. I didn’t choose this profession for the stories (though there are many), or for the money, and definitely not for the bodily fluids, but to selflessly give myself to my patients and the profession, and to touch the lives of those who need it most.