Adam Buxton


Organizational Leadership

PACE Success Stories

1. How did you hear about PACE, and what made you decide to take part in the program?

There were several colleagues of mine who went through the program prior to me signing up, and it was highly recommended by each individual. I wanted a program that would allow me to continue my education so I could further my career. I made the decision to move forward with PACE as I wanted a program that would fit into my schedule – not the other way around. PACE offered a way for me to continue to work full-time and further my education while doing so.

2. How did PACE make it possible to fit a degree into your lifestyle and schedule?

The format of the PACE program is ideal for anyone working full time and/or working to raise a family. I spent one night a week in class, and then was able to do my studies outside the classroom when it fit into my schedule. The flexibility built into the program allows students to be able to still have an active lifestyle while completing their education.

3. How did a bachelor’s degree change your career prospects?

The opportunities are endless! The completion of my bachelor’s degree has not only prepared me to conquer the next chapter of my career, but supplied me with the necessary tools and experience to be successful in any area I choose to explore. Earning a bachelor’s degree opens up the doors for many new opportunities that you would not be able to have without continued education.

4. Explain what life was like for you while you were in the PACE program – your personal life and also the classes you attended.

During the core program, I spent one night a week attending classes in the evening from 6-10 pm. Don’t be fooled – each class covers a semesters worth of work, but it was all covered in a 5 week course! I was able to become an expert at time management because I had to not only ensure I spent enough time on my studies outside the classroom, but I had to juggle my career and my family life as well. My wife was super supportive of my goals, which played a big part in the success I had while going through the PACE program. The program does a great job of recognizing that this is a critical piece to ensuring success.

5. In going through the PACE program, what did you share in common with your PACE cohorts; how would you describe the type of student who enrolls in PACE?

I think the biggest attribute I shared with my PACE cohort was the drive to succeed. We were all there for a reason – to continue our education so we could further our careers. My cohort was made up of a variety of different industries and backgrounds. Each person brought a particular perspective to the discussions which was another benefit of having such diverse backgrounds in the cohort. They tell you at the beginning that you will form a special bond during the duration of the program, and you will spend a lot of time with these individuals over this time period. This is spot on, and you will form friendships that will last a lifetime!

6. Since graduating from PACE, what kind of career success have you experienced?

The PACE program provided me with the necessary education and confidence to accomplish many great things in my career. The skills and material I obtained from the program allowed me to immediately apply to my role as a manager and embark on areas I never thought possible. The PACE program also prepared me to continue with my education and I graduated in 2015 with my MBA from Millikin University! Go Big Blue!

7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get their degree but doesn’t feel they have the time to do it or think that they can get by without it?

Do not waste any more precious time by putting off continuing your education any longer! There is definitely some sacrifice that will need to be made to achieve your goals, but it will all be worth it in the end! The staff is wonderful to work with and come from backgrounds that can teach you things far beyond the course work. The feeling of accomplishment you will achieve when walking across that stage during graduation will stick with you for the rest of your life!