Millikin major: Accounting

  • Other degrees:
    • Master’s degree in business administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Evanston, Ill.

Current employment:
Managing director at Wells Fargo

Why did you choose MU?  
The confluence of a few key factors led me to Millikin, including an interest in small schools, proximity to home and

David and his wife, Debra, established the David L. and Debra S. Weatherford Scholarship, which provides support for a business student with preference given to a transfer student.

“My wife and I have spent over three decades, including relocations to five states, pursuing our business careers and we have great respect for the skill set required to succeed in the business field. Our endowed scholarship will help deserving students achieve their education goals and

Family information:
Five daughters: Tiana M. Perry, 39; Aleshia N. Buskirk, 34; Jermella Fulford, 34; Shemika R. Stanley, 28; Naomi D. Stanley, 18. Seven grandchildren: Hakeemah Fuller, 21; DeMarkus Perry, 18; DeaVon Perry, 17; Markayla Tucker, 15; Markita Tucker, 15; Kasius Buskirk, 8; Kyson Buskirk, 4.

Sport(s) and position(s): Football, outside linebacker

Millikin major: Business Administration

Millikin major: Sociology/Psychology 

Please describe some of your accomplishments after Millikin

Cornell C. Thomas, DDS. Assistant Dean for Admissions & Student Services, Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. President of Thomas Dental Office, PC

What aspects of your Millikin education have helped you in attaining professional/personal success?

1. Ability to multitask 2. Prepared me for the rigor of professional school 3. Involvement in community service 4. Athlete/played baseball all four

Driven By Determination

By Deb Hale Kirchner  |  Published in the Spring 2017 issue of Millikin Magazine.

Millikin major: Music education

  • Other degrees:
    • Master of Music in organ performance at University of Illinois
    • Master of library science at Indiana University

Current employment: Executive director at Gail Borden Public Library in Elgin, Ill.

Why did you choose MU?
I chose Millikin University because of its excellent reputation and the high quality of the School of

Millikin major: Mathematics

Current employment: Adjunct instructor in entrepreneurship at Millikin; retired as owner of Nims Associates in 2004, an IT consulting company.

Why did you choose MU?
The size of the university offered a more attractive environment than large public universities, and the liberal arts focus was appealing to me.

What activities did you participate in as a student at MU?

Barbara established the Barbara Boston Shearer Scholarship, which supports students in the School of Music.

“Millikin is the perfect place to learn, get involved, establish community, realize potential, and grow. Supporting its students is a smart investment.

“My scholarship is awarded to persons who ‘contribute to the musical life of the University.’  I am so pleased that Millikin music students can prepare for careers in the music industry as well