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I have always wanted to be able to create my own products and sell them on my own. That’s why I majored in Chemistry with a business emphasis. An entry level position as a lab tech, will help me grow in the industrial field and lead me to where I want to go.

You will succeed. You will graduate. You will get that job. You will accomplish those goals. Hearing those encouraging words made me work harder throughout my years at Millikin.

I believe that choosing a wide range of study interests and extracurricular activities while at Millikin truly helped to shape my future. College is a trial run for real life so it is the time to attempt something you’ve always wanted to try but never thought you could do. 

Coming from a developing country I wanted to major in something that I thought could help individuals and communities better themselves. I want to be able to give back to my people by using the tools Millikin equipped me with.

Millikin always wanted to see me succeed. These are only the very first couple of steps. I am here because of the encouragement I received from the professors that taught me.

The professors and faculty at Millikin are what drive student success. It creates a great atmosphere to learn. The performance learning aspect is what helped me realize my passion for improving the lives of everyone I come in contact with. 

I didn’t choose this profession for the stories, or the money, and definitely not for the bodily fluids, but to selflessly give myself to my patients and the profession, and to touch the lives of those who need it most. 

Millikin set me up for success by allowing me to challenge myself. Without Millikin I would not have gained the confidence I have today.