The MU app features publications from the Alumni and Development Office, including Digital Millikin Quarterly. To download the app to your iPad, follow these instructions:

Step 1:
Visit the App Store on your Apple iPad. Digital Quarterly is currently only available on iPads. To express interest in this app being developed for additional devices, please contact the Alumni and Development Office.

Step 2:
Search for "Millikin" in the App Store.
search for millikin in the app store

Step 3:
Tap the app called "Millikin University," then tap "Get." The app is free, but you will be required to enter your password.
tap the app called millikin university then tap get, the app is free

Step 4:
Tap "Install" to initiate the download
tap install to initiate the download

Step 5:
Tap "Open" to launch the app. The app will launch in your Newsstand.
tap open to launch the app in your newsstand

Step 6:
With the app open in your Newsstand, you will be asked if you want to receive push notifications and alerts from Millikin University. Tap "OK" to receive an alert when new issues are published. If you accept push notifications now but decide to opt out later, you can change your settings by following these steps: Go to "Settings," tap on "Notification Center," tap the "Millikin University" app. Under "alert style," tap "none," then turn off all switches.
when opening the app it will ask you if you want to receive push notifications

Step 7 (Optional, but suggested):
Tap on "Free" under "Digital Subscription." This will ensure the latest issues are delivered directly to your iPad.
if you tap on free under the digital subscription then it will ensure the latest issues are delivered directly to your ipad
Tap "Confirm" to confirm your subscription.
tap confirm to confirm the subscription

Step 8 (Optional, but suggested):
Tap "Allow" to share your name, email and zip code with Millikin. This information will be used for statistical research only and is never shared with a third party. Review our privacy policy for more information.
tap allow to share name, email, and zip code with millikin

Step 9:
Tap "Read" under the issue you would like to download. The issue will begin to download. The download speed will depend on your internet connection speed. Each issue is packed with photos and video content, so don't be concerned if it takes 10 minutes or more to download.
tap read under the issue you would like to read and it will begin downloading
The download progress is shown as an overlay on the issue.
download progress

Step 10:
Tap "Read Now" to read the current issue. To fully experience the content, make sure your sound is turned on.
tap read now to read the current issue
Also, be sure to view page 2 of the issue for specific instructions on how to navigate the app.
how to navigate

Step 11 (Optional, but suggested):
Like it? Love it? Want to see something different? We always appreciate hearing from our alumni and friend audience. Email, or rate us in the app store.