February 7, 2019 at 10:15am

Jerry TertochaJerry “Joel” Alain Tertocha ’71

Born November 7, 1947 in Paris, France died in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 25, 2019. Jerry, a gifted artist, classical guitarist and lifelong bibliophile, revered his memories of Millikin as he was at the peak of his physical and artistic abilities during and shortly after his student years. Self-taught at first, he later studied guitar with pioneering classical guitar educator Richard Pick in Chicago, and with concert artist Oscar Giglia in an elite master class in Aspen, Colorado. He did his alternative service in Champaign, Illinois where he fractured two vertebrae while helping another guitarist lift a trailer tongue onto a ball hitch. This injury ultimately curtailed Jerry's playing career and caused him chronic back pain for the rest of his life. At the invitation of a modern dance troupe led by another Millikin alum, Jerry moved to Salt Lake City in the early 70's. There, he taught guitar briefly at Utah State University and privately for many years, influencing many amateur and professional guitarists, and publishing two books of Renaissance and Baroque music for the guitar. While his art career was also abridged by failing eyesight in his last decade of life, his oil paintings, watercolors and pen and ink drawings grace many private homes in the West and Midwest. He is survived by his sister, Jocelyne Denbow and her family, of Round Rock, Texas.

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